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pherus's Journal

Chris Blood
19 June 1982
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I am Chris. There are those that call me Chris Blood, for reasons involving an incident at a Mistress gig during which I got knocked flying and smacked my head against an onstage monitor.

I have red hair. This is a fair indication of the sort of person I am. Red = love. Red also = blood and anger.

I am an emotional person. I cry. I also piss myself laughing for minutes on end at random things that no-one else really gets. I may often look as if the lights are out and no-one is home, but trust me, I have a very complex mind and am probably either thinking, sobbing or smiling inside.

I live, breathe, eat and shit music. At present, I'm writing and recording solo material under the name Sleep Twin, and hoping to maybe form a full band in order to play this material live.

I'm also into film/video-making. My best work, in my humble opinion, can be found on YouTube and Google Video; this includes an animated short about Asperger Syndrome, a somewhat grim piece on the subject of unseen disabilities in school, and also a promotional video for Coybito (a band I used to play guitar in).

I do not like LiveJournal drama. If you have an issue with me, please talk to me about it in person, over MSN/AIM/Yahoo or (in emergencies) over the phone. No one needs the indignity of dirty laundry aired in a public arena. Thank you.